About Us

At Kalmanson Creations Studio, we create all types of jewelry using various types of materials using various different methods. The commonality is that all the jewelry we sell is of our own design and manufacture either in whole, in part, or somewhere in between. Many pieces of designer jewelry on the market today are mass-produced from a single template by that designer--not ours! We hand make each piece ourselves. While it's not practical for us to mine and cut every gemstone we use, there are several pieces in our collection where we have done just that. When you shop Kalmanson Creations Studio, you are getting an earth-to-polish piece that we have shepherded through its journey for as many steps as possible.


* All of our silver wire and sheet is sourced from USA mines
* Every now and then we will even mine our own gems
* Pieces using gemstones we have either mined ourselves or cut ourselves are labeled as such


Jennifer Kalmanson

Howdy! After filling my jewelry case with cute earrings from gift shops in distant locales to which Phil and I have sailed, I decided to try making some myself. My design philosophy is that everything I make should be something I would have bought for myself if I saw it in a gift shop. As a budding rockhound, when I can identify a particular material used, I'll try to highlight it to bring out its best qualities. Later this year, I hope to add a product line that uses stones I've mined & cut myself. Enjoy your shopping, and if you like something, please don't forget to share!


Phillip Kalmanson

Phillip is a nomad who loves the water so much he moved aboard his sailboat. He also loves mountains and forests so much that he travels by car to get where a boat can't. He loves aquatic and nautical themes, and how life changes with the seasons. Jewelry fulfills many purposes. Phil says, "I hope that my designs help the wearer accentuate their own beauty or help in remembering someone or something of importance."