Looking to offer your customers one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces?

Kalmanson Creations Studio is pleased to offer your boutique the opportunity to purchase a rack of twelve unique jewelry items--earrings or necklaces--at a rate that will allow you to provide your customers with competitive pricing. Each rack contains twelve 2"x3" flocked jewelry cards pre-populated with the jewelry items you select for sale. Replenishment orders for the rack's contents--twelve new pre-populated jewelry cards--can be done at a slightly lower rate, as the cost of the display rack is no longer included.

Also available for you to resell to your customers is a selection of simple wire-wrapped silver rings. These make particularly nice upsells for customers who appreciate a spa manicure experience and would like to go home with a memento of the experience. Wholesale packages can be purchased in increments of five rings at a time, either with or without a display prop.

Views of earrings and necklaces on cards displayed on the wholesale racks

Jewelry racks can be bought as the following line items:

We are happy to mix and match between jewelry types, but the cost for each rack will be prorated based on the content mixture. We are also delighted to offer other items for you to resell to your customer base, including hair sticks and home accessories like bottle stoppers and letter openers. You can download our current line sheet here.

Please email us at kalmansonenterprises@gmail.com to discuss pricing and selection options.